Using Logstash for Artifactory Notifications

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One of the limitations for the opensource version of Artifactory’s jfrog is notifications for newly added artifacts. We will provide a workaround to that issue.

Being an app running inside a tomcat container, a quick inspection on the log file revealed new artifacts creation was being logged in. Below it’s an example taken from the log file.

2014-02-06 14:13:47,259 [art-exec-3091] [INFO ] (o.a.s.a.ArchiveIndexer:102) - The content of the archive: '' was indexed successfully.
2014-02-06 14:19:45,870 [art-exec-3094] [INFO ] (o.a.s.a.ArchiveIndexer:102) - The content of the archive: '' was indexed successfully.

A simple solution would had been using a tail -f .. | But that would had implied taking care of the persistance of the script (screen is not that good). So the search for a generic solution begins.

Being familiar with logstash it was just a matter of taking a quick look at the documentation and writing down a simple configuration file.

The configuration files contains three sections:

  • input. where you declare the source of the logs. here we’re using a file, the path for the log file and a plus advantage is the support for log files created by commonly used services like tomcat.
  • filter. where we declare the parsing logic, for now, just standard regex parse.
  • output. whenever the filter matches the declared string on this section, an execution will occured. here we send a notification to IRC (via hubot) and execute an ansible playbook on a remote server via ssh.
input {
  file {
    type => "tomcat"
    path => "/var/log/artifactory/catalina/catalina.out"


filter {
   grok {
     match => [ "message", "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:date},%{NUMBER:number}%{GREEDYDATA:data1}The content of the archive: '%{DATA:artifact}'%{GREEDYDATA:data}" ]

output {
  if [data] =~ "successfully.$" {
    exec {
      command => "curl -s -H 'Host:' ''%{artifact}"
    exec {
      command => "ssh srv9 /home/bofh/ansible/ %{artifact} prod"

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