Install Ansible in CentOS 5.3

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30 Jan 14 @ 14:48

Using ansible in CentOS 5.3 can be done via a handful of simple steps.


First we install python modules. Ansible is available via package managers but not for CentOS 5.3 so a git based installation will be used.

/home/rls/bin/python/bin/pip install paramiko PyYAML jinja2 httplib2
cd ~/bin
git clone git://
sed -i '1 s/python$/python2.7/' ansible/bin/ansible*

After cloning the repository, the binary scripts are modified in order to use our custom python 2.7 installation.

Test installation

source bin/ansible/hacking/env-setup
echo " ansible_python_interpreter=/home/rls/bin/python/bin/python2.7  ansible_connection=local" > ~/ansible_hosts
export ANSIBLE_HOSTS=~/ansible_hosts
ansible -i ~/ansible_hosts all -m ping

expected output:

[osvaldo@srv2 ~]$ ansible -i ~/ansible_hosts all -m ping  -o | success >> {"changed": false, "ping": "pong"}

[osvaldo@srv2 ~]$

Post installation steps

Add to ~/.bash_profile the following line.

source bin/ansible/hacking/env-setup
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